Gun Silencer Suppressor for Rifle and Pistol



New Type of  rifle silencer and pistol silencer, for airsoft, BB and CO2 guns. 

Gun  Silencer drawings for rifles and pistols in cal. 22 Lr , 22 mag, 22 Hornet, cal. 222 Rem, cal.22/250 Rem, cal.243 Win , 6 MM, cal. 6.5 mm, cal. 7 mm Rem Mag, cal.308 Win, 8 MM Rem, 300 Win Mag.  8 MM Rem, cal.338 Mag. cal.375 Mag, cal.458 Win Mag, cal.460 Mag.  And larger calibers of big bore for pistols, Calibers like cal.357 Mag, caliber.44 Mag , caliber 45  ACP . and Air soft, rifles and pistols, BB guns, CO 2 guns. Complete Blueprint Drawings and instruction’s of quality and easy to understand and applying how to make homemade  22 gun silencer suppressor and install on rifles and pistols in most calibers. Fits Air soft,  BB and CO 2 guns. Silences completely, with subsonic ammunition. Subsonic speed is under 331.4 m/sec or 1087.3 ft/sec. Over 38 years experience and use and building of this type of rifle silencer proofs the quality of sound suppression. In a rifle like cal.22 long rifle  with subsonic ammunition the only sound you hear is the fall of the firing pin !
Complete muzzle flash hiding! Which makes this rifle suppressor, ideal for many kinds of police, tactical and varmint hunting.
Simple and easy to build and install,with the plans in the Gun Silencer  Manual E- Book.
Download. Adobe PDF e Book with suppressor blueprint drawings. Print the drawings and instruction, to have on your workbench while you, build suppressor. It is easier than you might think ! NO WELDING !
With a little time and work you will create professional suppressor, of quality. Which you can exchange to other guns of same caliber.  Adobe 128 Bit Encrypted PDF Document Password Protected.

NEW VIDEO:  GUN SILENCER  on a Cal.22 Rifle.   BRS Custom Rifles YOU TUBE CHANNEL


How to Make gun silencers for rifles . 

 Supported Languages:
English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Dutch, Finnish, Bulgarian, Greek
German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish,
Swedish, Norwegian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Romanian.

NEW VIDEO:  GUN SILENCER on a cal.22 rifle.

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 How to make silencers for rifles



Double Action Suppressor and Muzzle Brake Combo.

Gun Silencer and Muzzle Brake in a single unit.

By combining the effective workability of a suppressor and muzzle brake . I have succeeded in making a one piece Silencer plus Muzzle Brake,  for rifles and pistols. Many problems are solved, since until now gun shooters, varmint hunters and big game hunters, had the only option of having either silencer or muzzle brake, installed on their guns, so they had to choose either one.  Now this problem is solved, with the Double Action Silencer and Muzzle Brake. Here you can download Adobe Pdf 128bit encrypted document e-Book with blueprint drawings and instruction of how to make a silencer and muzzle brake double action combo. The instructions are clear and straightforward to understand and execute, so you can make this yourself with necessary tooling. Or get a qualified lathe smith or gunsmith to make it for you. The Muzzle Brake takes out up to 50 % off the rifle and pistol recoil. The Suppressor completely silences, with subsonic ammunition which is under 1087 f/sec , or 331 m/sec. muzzle velocity. Double Action Suppressor Muzzle Brake drawings, manual, for rifles and pistols in cal.22lr , 22 mag,22 Hornet, cal.222Rem, cal.22/250 Rem, cal.243 Win, cal. 6MM, cal. 6.5mm, cal. 7mm Rem Mag, cal. 308 Win,8MM Rem, 300 Win Mag, 8MM Rem, cal.338 Mag. cal.375 Mag, cal.458 Win Mag, cal.460 Mag. And larger calibers of big bore for pistols, Caliber like cal.357 Mag, caliber.44 Mag , caliber 45  and, Air rifles and pistols. Simple and easy to build homemade and install, with the plans in the Adobe Pdf. E Book.Download. Adobe Pdf, E Book , with Double Action suppressor muzzle brake blueprint drawings. Print the drawings and instructions, to have on your workbench while you, build double action suppressor muzzle brake. It is easier than you might think!BRS Custom Rifles. Copyright 2007, and Patent Pending USPTO, UK IPO, EPO andother patent offices. All Rights reserved.

Silencer and Muzzle Brake in One Unit !

Gun Suppressor and Muzzle Break Combo. New invention combining uppressor and muzzle brake in one single unit.


Double Action Silencer and Muzzle Brake Combo

Firearms Suppressor

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                                                                                                  How to make silencers for rifles

NEW VIDEO:  GUN SILENCER  on a Cal.22 Rifle.


The Greatest Shooting Adventure available !
In Amazing Iceland.
This summer I am offering interested rifle shooters and tourists,
to have their Greatest adventure in rifle shooting. You will be offered,
to have a shooting session using state of the art
1000 yards competition rifle।
Rifle is world record winner Custom made Heavy Bench rifle,
in 7 MM REM MAG.
Specially utilized for this kind of long range shooting, custom reloads,
UNERTL riflescope 32 X. HART BARREL .
Rangefinder used is Barr & Stroud .
CUSTOM made by Birgir Runar Saemundsson
BRS Custom Rifles!

Welcome to TOOLPATENT !

Welcome to my Toolpatent blog .

 This blog is about new type of measuring tools,micrometers,of all kinds,special tools

for industry,and developmental stages of tools,which might go into patenting process.

Here will be introduced new special tools for reloading and measuring.

The first new tool I will introduce is a Headspace micrometer, extremely accurate for gunsmiths , and others.It is a different than the usual Depth micrometer, in the way it gives better support on the land around the shank aeria of rifle barrels, so it always gives accurate measurements.

Headspace Micrometer

This Headspace Micrometer comes in small ,med ,and large sizes.


This headspace micrometer is very accurate for measuring headspace gauges

while chambering a rifle barrel, precise measurements every time !


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